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Resident Tutor/s (Several Vacancies) (PR0257/20-21)

The Office of Student Affairs is now in the process of appointing Resident Tutor (‘RT’) for the Student Residence Halls (‘Hall’). Full-time staff who have served the University for at least two years are eligible to apply. Interested colleagues should send a CV and Self-Statement via email to the Human Resources Office ( on or before 12 March 2021. 

The RT will report and be accountable to the Resident Master in collaboration with the respective Resident Community Officer (a full-time staff) of the assigned hall with seven to eight Resident/Hall Tutors in residence, depending on the number of floors in that Hall.

The core duties of Resident Tutor are:

1) To serve as a role model of fellow residents and abide by the Terms and Conditions of Hall Residence, Hall Rules and Regulations and Residents’ Code being in force;
2) To monitor the welfare and disciplines of fellow residents, especially those of the same floor;
3) To exhort residents to comply with hall rules and regulations and to report any irregularities in residents’ behaviors to the respective Resident Master;
4) To motivate residents to maintain a harmonious and congenial relationship among themselves and promote integration and inclusion among residents;
5) To take lead in resolving minor conflicts and disputes among residents;
6) To take care of residents of the same floor through close communication such as regular individual chats and group meetings;
7) To assist in any administrative tasks as assigned by the Resident Master in collaboration with the Hall Office;
8) To help collect and reflect residents’ views and opinions promptly and accurately and to help explain to them decisions or conclusions made by relevant committees and the rationales behind those decisions;
9) To ensure a proper recording of residents’ participation in hall / campus life education activities and gather feedback from them;
10) To encourage residents’ involvement and participation in hall life education programmes as well as activities organized by university-wide organizations to enhance their attributes and personal growth;
11) To alert Resident Master about any observation of concern in a timely manner before the matter escalates to become a risk to an individual resident or the entire floor;
12) To attend and participate in regular meetings with respective Resident Master and Resident Community Officer to keep up with current issues and concerns; and
13) To assist in other duties as assigned by the Resident Master.

Preference will be given to those colleagues who have (1) a passion for students’ personal development; (2) readiness to be challenged, capability to deal with risk and ability to handle a wide range of human emotions; and (3) possess experience in working with youths and have strong communication skills. He/She is required to perform at least eight (8) hours of duties per week during the semester time. This does not include the number of hours planning and/or running programmes and activities.

Terms of Appointment:

A single room at the Undergraduate Hall (Halls) will be provided rent-free to the appointee throughout the appointment period. Appointee must reside in the Halls throughout the period including all weekends, semester breaks and Public Holidays and must obtain prior approval from the Resident Master in case of any prolonged absence from the Halls. A nominal appreciation allowance will be offered upon completion of a full year of service.

RT is a concurrent post and therefore due endorsement from current supervisor is a must. It is also subject to the continued appointment in the appointee’s full-time position in the University. The post is tenable for one year from the first semester of Year 2021/2022, and may be extended for not more than two years upon each renewal, if any. Further re-appointment will be subject to mutual agreement. Such renewal, if applicable, shall be made on terms as deemed appropriate by the University.

Enquiries could be addressed to Mrs. Linda Hon at ext. 5037. All enquiries will be kept confidential.

Closing date: 12 March 2021