News & Announcements

Compliance with Revisions to the Minimum Wage Ordinance


Integrated Medical Scheme – Annual Update
「綜合醫療計劃」- 週年通告


Arrangements During Typhoons/Rainstorms


Deans of Faculties/Schools, Directors of Academies, Heads of Departments/Programmes and Programme Directors for the Academic Year 2016-17


Non-teaching Staff Promotion Exercise for 2017


Policy and Procedures on Non-teaching Staff Promotion


Personal Data – Annual Updating Exercise
個人資料 - 每年一度更新提示


University Regulations


General Adjustments in 2016 and Revised Pay Structures for Academic/Teaching and Non-teaching Staff


Reward and Recognition Scheme for Non-teaching Staff


Revision of Out-Patient Benefits (Chinese Medicine) Maximum Benefit Limit 調整中醫門診福利額上限


Responsibility Allowance and Acting Allowance


Establishing a "Breastfeeding friendly Environment"


Guidelines on Employment and Management of Related Individuals in the Workplace


Integrated Medical Scheme – Annual Update 2016
「綜合醫療計劃」- 2016 周年通告


Arrangements on the Approach of Typhoon/Rainstorms


Committee on Sabbatical Leave Programme


Policy Guidelines on Appointment of Hourly-rated Part-time Staff


Review of Remuneration Package for Academic Staff at or above the Professor Rank on Re-appointment beyond Contractual Retirement Age


Matters to Note at time of Resignation for Academic/Teaching Staff


University Regulations


General Adjustment under the New Pay and Reward Structure (NPRS) in 2015 and Revised Pay Structures for Academic/Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff


Updates on Integrated Medical Scheme 綜合醫療計劃更新


Regulations Governing Outside Practice


Revised Pay Structure for Research Staff Grade


Integrated Medical Scheme 「綜合醫療計劃」


Staff Consultative Committees


Reminder: Making Dental Appointment before the year end of Integrated Medical Scheme
備忘: 綜合醫療計劃年度完結前預約牙科服務


Compliance with Revisions to the Minimum Wage Ordinance


Changes to the Policy Guidelines on Paternity Leave


Time-off Arrangement


Enhancements to the Integrated Medical Scheme


Addition of Appointed Chinese Medicine Clinic 新增之大學委任中醫藥診所


Frequently Asked Questions - "On-line Leave System"
常見問題 - 「網上假期系統」


Updated guideline for staff & students with influenza-like illness - including confirmed cases of Influenza A (H1N1)
給患有流感徵狀之同學及同事的指引 - 包括甲型(H1N1)流感個案